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Community HIV Epidemic Control (CHEC)

The CHEC model was an innovative differentiated service delivery approach that addressed all three of the United Nations 90-90-90 HIV/AIDS targets.

The principles of CHEC have been implemented in all three CDC grants in collaboration with UMB. CHEC reached more than 200 government-run clinics in Zambia and involved more than 1,000 active community health workers. The health workers conducted over 1 million HIV tests, linked over 90% of those testing positive to health services, and delivered ARVs to over 2,000 stable-on-care patients.

Based on CHEC's success, the Zambian Ministry of Health adopted the model as one of the differentiated service delivery model being implemented in Zambia. CHEC is also listed as a strategy in the 2018 Zambia Consolidated Guidelines for Treatment and Prevention of HIV.

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