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TFGH COVID-19 VaccinAtion Into ROutine Care (CAIRO) Project

The CAIRO Project, funded by the U.S. CDC and spearheaded by Ciheb Zambia in collaboration with TFGH, aims to seamlessly embed COVID-19 vaccination into routine healthcare services in Zambia. Its core objectives include policy development for vaccine integration, implementing and scaling integration models, and fostering demand for booster doses.

Working with the Ministry of Health at national, provincial, and facility levels, CAIRO focuses on finalizing guidelines, piloting integration in select facilities in Eastern, Lusaka, Southern, and Western Provinces, conducting training, and ensuring effective implementation. The project plans to integrate COVID-19 vaccination into diverse healthcare settings, targeting high-risk individuals such as pregnant women, and persons living with HIV and NCDs across various clinics and leveraging existing healthcare infrastructure to maximize outreach.

Lessons from initial pilots will be shared with the Ministry of Health and the different stakeholders and will guide the expansion to additional healthcare facilities, allowing for the identification of challenges and the development of effective strategies. Continuous post-integration activities will evaluate outcomes, refine approaches, and ensure evidence-based decision-making for optimized integration strategies.

Join us in our journey to seamlessly integrate COVID-19 vaccines into routine care, fostering healthier communities and safeguarding against the impact of this global pandemic. .

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